Sanctified Food/Prasad

We offer a variety of food preparation service to help create a truly magical day. All the cooking is undertaken on premises to ensure purity and is sanctified (offered to the lord) before being served to your guests. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary menu, we are happy to assist you in ensuring your guests are fully satisfied. To make it a truly special event we provide a silver service, where we can have waiter service available during the event, this can help free up your guests availability where serving is handled by our professional team and to add a special touch we also offer steel plates and cutlery as an option.

In addition, we offer sanctified food prepared on site to be delivered to external premises and events, for quantities of over a 100 people, please enquire for more details.

These are just an idea of the menu options available but we also offer a bespoke service so if you have a requirement for certain dishes please enquire or contact us for further details of our range of menus and that we offer.

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